Chirasu is the Japanese word "to spread out". Convert on-site employees to remote workers

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The Problem: Onsite Work

With growing concerns about pandemics and public health it is clear remote work is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Those organizations that can maintain their productivity regardless of location are best adapted to thrive.

Reduced Talent Pool

In your local economy, the best employees are probably already working. In a major hub competition against established giants is fierce. Modern companies require a global workforce.


Finding parking, waiting for transit, burning money, wasting time, and polluting the environment are just some of the drawbacks of work commutes.

Employee Stress

Locking workers into a rigid schedule and static workplace stifles creativity and lowers morale. Stress from a poor work-life balance slashes retention.

Solution: Remote Work

Get out of the office. Get off packed commuter trains. Get out of rush hour traffic. Get directly to work instead.

Competitive Corporate Advantages

  • Greatly reduce costs by cutting expensive office space
  • Eliminate wasteful commutes, raise productivity
  • Drive retention with happier employees
  • Negotiate favorable salaries by offering remote work

Connect all over the world

  • Aquire the best talent on a global scale
  • Target the 75% of young talent that demand flexible work
  • Train autonomous employees who leverage technology
  • Maintain productivity in the face of pandemics or local crises

Help the environment

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission from wasteful commutes
  • Cut down impact of heating and cooling large spaces
  • Lessen rush hour gridlock
  • Let employees feel the impact of being part of the solution

Let Chirasu be your guide

The way Chirasu works is simple. You provide us with information about your business, we set you up with the tools to succeed with a remote team. We are starting a small scale alpha launch of the service. We will respond directly to inquiries made through the site. Contact us for a free estimate!

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